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connie salgadoconnie salgado

I was nervous about leaving my son at Daycare but when I saw the level of care he received by all the staff, it quickly put my worries to rest. I have seen my son grow and learn so much since being here this last year! The smaller groups of children allow for more attention to go to each child and for their needs to be met. It's very clean as well which I appreciate because I've heard horror stories from other daycares and how their children are always sick but I have not had to deal with any of that. As a single mother, I truly appreciate the support, cleanliness, care and attentiveness my son and I have received while being here. I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone.

Jerone SmithJerone Smith

My daughter has been going to this school for a year and a half and she absolutely loves it. There are days we go to pick her up and she doesn’t want to leave because she’s having a great time. The teachers are very communicative and the app they use to give updates about her day is great. There are some weekends she asks if she can go to school and she gets sad if we tell her school is closed that day. Mrs. Elsa is amazing with our daughter and she has taken to her almost like a second mom. We were worried about her social interaction with her being born during Covid and not having much child interaction during her first couple of years, but she loves the friends she’s made here. Clean environment and she always has great stories about her day. I would recommend this program if you’re looking for a preschool/daycare in the Oceanside area.

Ahvianna LoveAhvianna Love

I’ve been subbing at this daycare center for years. The staff are welcoming and create an excellent learning environment for the students. The kids are well mannered and easy to entertain and engage in the curriculum. I would recommend this location to subs, teachers, parents, etc. The staff care deeply about providing safe and clean environment that everyone can enjoy.

Mercedes AtumMercedes Atum

Amazing daycare! My daughter has been here for almost a year under the fee assistance program for the military. As a first time mom I was very hesitant leaving my daughter but quickly felt comfortable, especially with Ms.Butler, who my daughter completely fell in love with. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for childcare!

ahvianna loveahvianna love

Rising star Academy have the most genuine staff I’ve ever met! They are compassionate and considerate of the students growth mindset. I will recommend this daycare to any of my friends because at the end of the day I know the kids are I’ll be safe and well taken care of! The director is willing to accommodate the needs of the students. That’s what matters the most!

Mert K.Mert K.

My niece goes there. Desiree is amazing. The place is super nice. They are compassionate and considerate of the student's growth mindset. I will recommend...

Ahvianna L.Ahvianna L.

Congratulations Rising Star Academy on your well deserved NAEYC accreditation. You've always have had exemplary teachers that care about each individual...

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Lauren on Yelp

My family and I love this school. When daughter goes she comes home and excited to tell me what she has learned and that she cannot wait to go back. Also the open door policy that allows me check on my daughter when I want gives great comfort that she is well taken care. The posted schedule also help keep me aware of what my child is doing and learning.

Toa on Yelp

My daughter has been going here since she was six weeks and she now 4 years old and has developed so much. She so smart knows all her colors and they do science with her she knows what colors turn into when you mix them. She knows all her animals and can identify her name when written out. She's has a huge imagination and is such a social butterfly. Walking into the school it smells very clean and you can see they security cameras that I can have access to there's also a security code to get into the school I do feel my daughter is safe and in good hands. All the kids are very sweet and get excited when my daughter comes in. The teachers are very nice and communication is very transparent and concise. I love the bound we've built this far And I can't wait for my daughters promotion for kindergarten next year! Thank you for all you do keep the art projects coming we love her stories that go along with it. A blessing.... the staff have been my HERO!

Winston A.

This is a very good place for your child or children to grow, learn and develop. Very good, knowledgeable and friendly staff. They've been in business for almost 20 years. I will recommend this learning center for all children. You would be hard pressed to find another center that offers the quality of care for the same competitive price. If there was another star I could give I would.

Danielle R.

The children love it here. It’s always art projects or activities for the kids to do. I have seen the kids start off shy when they were first started and turn into social butterflies in a matter of weeks. Thank you rising star for making the kids feel included and important. They always have something to say on their way home.

The Andersons

Our son had a wonderful time here. He was always excited to go in the morning, and you could tell all the teachers genuinely cared for the children. It's a shame we had to move, otherwise he'd likely be going here until grade school.

Elizabeth Easterday

Deacon loves coming here everyday! Thank you so much!

Michelle Stehlin

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the way you have cared for my son. I know Xander is going to miss you guys so much.

Julia McAloon

Haylee enjoy her time here at the daycare. Thank you for taking good care of her.

Maricela Salas

Excellent Daycare. Very caring and loving family that provides a very safety, healthy growth, loving environment, and much more to our kids.

Debra Nemore

The teachers and staff are very caring and nurturing. The teachers curriculum is play, project and STEM based. My child learned so much.


The staff is awesome! All are really nice. I love this academy. And my kids love it as well!


My daughter has been coming here since she was 9 months and now she's 5. And she loves it here and the staff!

Regina Stone

This is an amazing place for my daughter. They take great care of her and she loves everyone. I highly recommend to any parent!

Andrea Leidig

Very happy with teachers and care at Rising Star. My child is happy here too and is learning so much! 5 stars!


Love this day care. I feel my child is being well taken care of. I trust this day care.

Tianna Woods

This center is awesome. I feel very safe and comfortable leaving my first born in their daycare. She is so happy everytime I ask her is she is ready to go to school. The care team is so nurturing and they care a lot about my little one. I would recommend Rising Star Academy to any parent.

Michelle S.

Such an amazing place, the owner and staff are caring and friendly. Everyday I pick up my son he is extremely excited to tell me about his day and how much fun he had. We are both going to miss this place so much 🙂

Julia McAloon

My daughter Haylee seems like she always have a good time at Rising Star Academy. All the staff very good with kids and are very attentive to their need. Thank you so much for taking such a good care of my baby.

Ashley Jaime

Rising Star Academy did great! They helped take care of my daughter since she was a baby! They had a lot of patience and are really structured. Deal very well with kids 🙂

Nicole King

Wonderful team! So caring and attentive 🙂


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