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We are accepting new registrations for our learning center! Rest easy knowing your kids are safe and learning while you are serving our country.

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Sterling Family

We just wanted to personally thank you for everything you have done for us. Xander has learned so much since she has started there 2 years ago and I know most of it has to do with you. Xander has grown so attached to you so I know he is going to miss you so much. Hopefully we don’t get stationed somewhere else so I can bring him back, in 6 months. Again thank you so much for treating Xander like he was one of your own. It’s been so relaxing for us knowing that our baby was in such great hands.


My Daughter has been coming here now for 4 years and the teachers are great and friendly. When I pick up my daughter she has nothing but nice things to say about them or what they do in class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Rising Star Academy is the choice for child care for military families. See why oceanside families choose us by checking out our facility.

Even though the military does help with child care, we are a learning center that encourages military families to enroll their kids with us.

Military does pay for a number of hours of child care. Our learning center is an affordable solution to supplement the child care provided by the military.